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Web3 Consultancy – We bridge the gap between Web3 and the traditional economy!

Through our extensive industry experience and strong network we are the right place for traditional companies to approach, understand and experience the world of Web3. We help explore the new paradigm and strongly growing ecosystem.

Our team of experts also helps Web3 projects and startups around the globe to bring business to the next level. We support right from the first steps to immediately exceed the expectations of their communities, users, investors and further stakeholders.

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Everyone has the right to participate in Web3

Our vision is to drive further growth of the Web3 ecosystem and successful integration and adoption of decentralization into the real world. We firmly believe that a more equitable and decentralized web empowers individuals and communities to take ownership and value.

Our mission is to facilitate the success of Web3 projects and traditional companies by providing the knowledge, support and resources needed to let Web3 grow and thrive.

You do the business and we solve the challenges

Our team of seasoned professionals will work with you to identify your challenges, create tailored solutions and drive sustainable success. We provide the expertise to help you achieve your goals. Trust us to take your business to the next level and unlock you full potential!

Connecting the world through Web3

CONF3RENCE is the premier event in Europe for enthusiasts of Blockchain, Web3, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Metaverse and AI.

It will take place on May 15-16 2024 at the iconic Signal Iduna Park, home to the famous soccer club Borussia Dortmund.

At CONF3RENCE, attendees will open up and explore the exciting possibilities that emerge when bridging the gap between the traditional economy and Web3. This event combines the best of both worlds to create meaningful applicability and support the growth of blockchain technology laying the foundation of a more decentralized future.

Get to know your Solvers

Malte Baumann


Solution-oriented leader with many years of international experience in the Financial Services practice at one of the largest consulting firms in the world, helped crypto companies gain a foothold in the traditional world and comply with regulations

#Advisor #DigitalAssets #DecentralizedFinance

Sascha Röhrer


Multifaceted professional with expertise in project management and business development in both Web3 and traditional economy, supported Web3 projects in securing substantial funding and reach a market cap of more than quarter of a billion

#Blockchain #BusinessDevelopment #ProjectManagament

Roman Stammes

head of business development

Accomplished consultant with proficiency and proven track record in developing innovative decentralized products, spearheaded the successful implementation of multiple blockchain solutions within Germany’s second largest banking institution

#InnovationLeader #Speaker #DigitalBusiness

Anna Tobin

Head of partnerships

Talented strategic partnerships and engagement manager with over 15 years of international work experience in the Startup, SaaS, FinTech and DeFi sectors, helped identifying investment opportunities beyond banking at the accelerator of Canada’s largest bank

#Web3 # FinTech # Partnerships

Sabrine Chelbi

head of marketing

Dedicated marketing manager with a focus on innovative and digital strategies to connect brands with their target audiences, demonstrated a consistent record of designing and executing campaigns with a profound sense of creativity

#MarketingManagement #DigitalPioneer #CreativeOutreach

Thriving together with our Partners

The partnership with SOLV3 provides a valuable layer of niche skills to complement the breadth of our product development capabilities. It allows us to bring together the best in Web3 innovation and nearshore software delivery excellence to drive next-gen business transformations for our clients.
Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge

Founding Partner & Chief Revenue Officer, Pentalog

Our collaboration with SOLV3 works excellent both ways. We benefit from the expertise and strong network of the SOLV3 team and at the same time come into contact with blockchain professionals, or those who want to become one with the support of EkoLance.

Maria Eneva-Olms
Maria Eneva-Olms

Founder & CEO, EkoLance

Growth in Web3 is much about finding tailored synergies and business solutions, a vision shared by Thrilld Labs and SOLV3. Our alliance amplifies our networks, thereby emphasizing the criticality of strategic partnerships in the space. We anticipate CONF3RENCE; this is where the best synergies happen in real time.
Alexandra Overgaag
Alexandra Overgaag

Founder & CEO, Thrilld Labs

Web3 has the power to transform the internet from a collection of disconnected entities to a cohesive, organic network where businesses and individuals can operate in harmony. SOLV3 is the right team to show up the potential of Web3 to your business!

Maximilian Hartmann
Maximilian Hartmann

Head of Consulting, Blockchance

Maximum success can be achieved with strong partners. I am happy that SOLV3 brings the new internet revolution “blockchain” for every person as well as companies understandable closer and can support in all questions around Web3.
Robin Herzberg
Robin Herzberg

Relationship Manager Large Corporates, Commerzbank

Innovation meets fun! It is always a great pleasure to exchange ideas about the latest topics in blockchain, metaverse, digitalization and the latest innovations on the market. For this, I always look forward to the pleasant conversations with SOLV3 as they provide valuable insights.

Oliver Bormann
Oliver Bormann

Branch Manager, Bethmann Bank

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